The Security class gives access to various helper methods, which assist in working with certificates or accessing specific security related information.



Low-level access to security (SSL, TLS) related information.


Retrieves the address of the organization from the certificate information.

The returned address may be None in case of no address found, or a dictionary with the following entries: city, country, postal_code, state, street.

Parameters:certificate – A JSON object representing the certificate, which can usually be retrieved via the current tab: self.browser.tabbar.selected_tab.certificate.
Returns:Address details as dictionary

The SSL certificate assiciated with the loaded web page in the given tab.

Parameters:tab_element – The inner tab DOM element.
Returns:Certificate details as JSON object.

Retrieves the domain associated with a page’s security certificate from the common name.

Parameters:certificate – A string containing the certificate’s common name, which can usually be retrieved like so: certificate[‘commonName’].
Returns:Domain as string