Firefox Puppeteer

Firefox Puppeteer is a library built on top of the Marionette Python client. It aims to make automation of Firefox’s browser UI simpler. It does not make sense to use Firefox Puppeteer if:

  • You are manipulating something other than Firefox (like Firefox OS)
  • You are only manipulating elements in content scope (like a webpage)

Roughly speaking, Firefox Puppeteer provides a library to manipulate each visual section of Firefox’s browser UI. For example, there are different libraries for the tab bar, the navigation bar, etc.


For end-users Firefox Puppeteer can be easily installed as a Python package from PyPI. If you want to contribute to the project we propose that you clone the mozilla-central repository and run the following commands:

$ cd testing/puppeteer/firefox
$ python develop

In both cases all necessary files including all dependencies will be installed.


Puppeteer versions as regularly released from the Python source code, will follow a specific versioning schema. It means the major version number will always be identical with the supported Firefox version. Minor releases - the second part of the version number - are done throughout the life-cycle of a Firefox version when Puppeteer itself needs API changes for back-end and front-end modules. The last part of the version number is the patch level, and is only used for bugfix releases without any API changes.


firefox_puppeteer_45.0.0 - First release for Firefox 45.0 and Firefox 45.xESR firefox_puppeteer_46.2.0 - Second release for Firefox 46.0 caused by API changes firefox_puppeteer_47.0.1 - First bugfix release for the new Firefox 47.0 support

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